Spa holiday under the blue skies

At Ruissalo Spa, you can now get even closer to the pure Finnish nature and archipelago scenery – and even the sky. Try the new Tentsile Tree Tents and experience outdoor life in a whole new and exciting way. This will literally take camping to a new level.

Tentsile is a lightweight, portable treehouse that uses three anchor points to create a comfortable “living space” suspended between the trees.

An eco-friendly nature experience for the whole family

Tentsile is suitable for adventurers and families alike. You don’t have to be an experienced camper to enjoy the Finnish nightless nights outside. The Tentsile Experience Camp in Ruissalo is right next to the hotel. In fact, it is the first camp with it’s own spa! After a night in the open, you can have a morning swim and head for a delicious breakfast buffet at the spa’s restaurant.  The tents are suitable for 2-3 people and all come with a fully enclosed insect mesh roof and removable rainfly sheets. What is more, there is no need for your own camping gear – a sleeping bag, a pillow and a matrace are ready for you in the tent.Ruissalo Island is a nature reserve, so eco-friendliness is very important to us. Tentsiles do not harm or leave marks on the trees, nor the ground, and all campers are expected to follow the general camping rules – no open fire and no littering. However, these rules are easy to follow, since there are trash cans nearby and the grill cabin on the shore is the perfect spot to spend an evening grilling by the fire safely.

Through the mesh roof you can see the sky and surrounding scenery.

Book a night in a Tentsile Tree Tent

  • 2 people 150,-/day
  • 3 people 170,-/day
  • Price includes breakfast, use of the spa and gym and all camping gear

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Phone 02 44 55 100
The Tentsile Tree Tents are located on the cliffs of Ruissalo where you can really sense the sea.